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Apps to help you keep in touch with loved ones


Being away from friends and family can be tough, however, with apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook and Skype, there are ways you can keep some semblance of normal life and keep up to date with loved ones



Whatsapp is predominantly a messaging app, however, with Whatsapp, you can send pictures and videos using mobile data or Wi-Fi. To keep morale up in these difficult times, why not create a group chat with all your family members, including grandparents. This way you can share pictures and videos of any grandchildren you may have. Whatsapp is a mobile app and is best used on your mobile phone. You can also send audio clips and have video chats.



Facebook isn’t all about social media, adverts and news; they offer their own messaging service simply called ‘Messenger.’ This app can be used across all devices, desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. To add some levity to the situation why not start a group chat and play some of the in-app games? Alternatively, with their range of filters, you can make both the kids and grown-ups giggle.



Skype is the ‘Big-Daddy,’ when it comes to keeping in touch remotely with friends, family and colleagues. Available on all devices including Smart TVs and Smart hubs, with Skype you can instant message for free; video chat, audio chat and send large files including video clips. Creating an account is free and the app is available from Google Play, Microsoft, AppStore, Android and Amazon Store.

So, don’t feel you are home alone as there are a fantastic range of apps available to keep you and your loved ones in touch at this time…

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